Audible Insights for Your Business

Your business intelligence via voice,
delivered anytime, anywhere you want it.


Introducing KONRAD – The AI-driven podcast platform for business.

Business decision making requires both speed and clarity of data. Take advantage of every second with portable, concise and audible information about your business.
How KONRAD Works:

Smart Audio

Smart Audio is emerging as an attractive interface to interact with the digital world. We tackle enterprise problems by creating simpler and more natural interactive solutions using voice assistants and audio experiences.  Our solutions allow you to track and analyze the impact business information has on your organization.

The Speed of Sound

Anywhere, anytime instant access to your business data means that you can learn about what is impacting business performance on your timeline.  Whether enjoying your morning cup of coffee, driving or on the train, your company performance is always in earshot.


The KONRAD API toolkit allows your business to take advantage of integrations with existing business intelligence tools as well as output information to your favorite podcast player or smart speaker.

Your Business Insights Delivered on Your Favorite Device and Platform

Konrad audible insights are available on many more platforms as well.

Narrative Science-based Business Intelligence Delivery

Alexa, how are sales this week?

Hey Siri, play my daily business podcast.

Okay Google, how is my store doing today?