Engine eCommerce

Engine eCommerce is an eCommerce platform for businesses to sell their products online. Analytics are an important part of any eCommerce business and the Engine skill allows eCommerce store owner’s to gain access to their metrics with a quick request from Alexa.

What does the skill do?

Asking Alexa, “give me my daily snapshot.” will allow the site-owner to receive live sales data without looking away from their current project. Tied to your engine eCommerce store account, the skill provides three levels of functionality:

Store Snapshot: Start off the morning with a briefing of your store’s metrics, with the performance data critical to running your business.
Daily Planning Assistant: Based off of what the Alexa skill tells you, you’ll have a clear path for what needs to get done that day.
Marketing Planning: The Engine skill can uncover a rising star in your product catalog, helping you drive marketing and product sales tasks.


1. Create awareness for the Engine platform via this Alexa skill launched on Product Hunt in April 2018.
2. Be the first working Alexa Skill to integrate with Google Analytics.
3. Integrate e-commerce website analytics into an easily accessible Alexa skill.

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Conference Room Scheduling

The Little Rock Technology Park is a StartUp Incubator and CoWork Space. It has over 50 tenants and shared meeting rooms on each of its six floors. To help schedule those meeting rooms the Tech Park uses YArooms for conference room booking. It has an effective UI on the computer, but what if someone needs to book a meeting right away with an important client? The Little Rock Tech Park skill makes it easy to ensure a room is ready when you arrive. We’ve accessed the YArooms API and used it to book meeting rooms using Alexa.

What does the skill do?

The LRTP Alexa Skill powered by Vocool links with your YArooms account, allowing you to quickly reserve conference rooms throughout the Tech Park.

You can specify:
Room + Time + Date

If you don’t specify a room, Alexa will use the last room you specifically requested.
If you don’t specify a time, Alexa will assume you want it booked now.
If you don’t specify a date, Alexa will assume you want it booked today.

You can say something like: “Alexa, ask the Tech Park to Reserve Third Floor East at 5pm on Tuesday”
Or, you can say “Alexa, open the Tech Park” and once prompted say “Third Floor East at 5pm on Tuesday”.


1. Use audio input to accomplish a real-world task, in this case reserving a room and it showing on the android tablet outside of the conference room.
2. Allow Alexa to reserve a meeting room as you walk out of the office.
3. Save time without going through the website.


1. Alexa can easily book a room for your meeting, as you walk out of the office.
2. Simplifies the process of booking shared meeting rooms by allowing you to book an open room without going from floor to floor looking for one.
3. Increased tenant satisfaction, by minimizing meeting room conflicts.