“Voice,” it’s been a buzzword in the technology space for years, but it is finally becoming a part of our everyday lives. In fact, currently at least 39 million Americans own a smart speaker and it is projected that 75% of US homes will have one by 2021. Not too long ago, many thought it was crazy that people would stare at a phone screen all day, but we spend more time on our phones than ever before. Soon our aching necks will thank us for finally being able to look up from our screens and accomplish many of the same tasks, without staring down at a 3.5 inch device.

Why Voice?

Voice allows people to interact in a more natural way, through speech, and to allow consumers to interact with brands they love. In a matter of months voice interaction will move from limited with specific functionality to ubiquitous and wide-ranging use, and the best brands will position themselves to be a part of their customers’ lives simply by saying their name. Brands who are not considering the impact of voice will go the way of Blockbuster. Don’t get left behind, get out ahead.

Why does my brand need a skill?

Brands are more accessible to their end users than ever before. There are many motivations for a customer to spend money, but brands that connect well with their fans are more likely to excel. Information is the new currency and when a customer says “Hey Alexa” you want to be the first thing that comes up. Your voice optimization as a metric will be as important as your SEO, LTV, and churn rate because it will lead to higher profits.

A few examples:

…Your company has dozens of product SKUs. A skill can assure a higher percentage of customers get the right product the first time, saving on shipping returns and restocking.

…Your product can do far more than most customers use it for. You can educate a customer on how to use the product more effectively, building customer loyalty and customer value.

…Your team or event needs to offer up to date information, found in a centralized location, which will save your customers many headaches before they head your way.

…Your customer service can be automated. Easy automation can enhance trust in the brand and reduce customer frustration, like in the case of simple warranty fulfillment. 

What’s our companies path?

First you’ll need to decide what the goal is: higher engagement, cost savings, marketing, etc. This will help choose a path. 

Voice Technology is still in the pioneering stage, but there is a map with a few paths marked out. Base the branding goals of your company on the needs and desires you are hoping to accomplish with voice. Here are a few “genres” of skills and how they relate to certain brands and companies, hopefully they’ll give you an idea for where voice could take you!

  • Ever had this experience building something from IKEA?Instructions/FAQs: many products come with an insert of instructions, impossible to read and not always clear (ever built furniture from IKEA?). Build a skill that enables voice to assist your customer in setup, assembly, and any possible adjustments to your product.
  • Quizzes: we all love a good online quiz (thanks buzzfeed), but more practically if you have a variety of products a quick question can help customers find the right product that can better meet the customer’s needs and save your company on returns.
  • Games: games are projected become a $137.9 billion industry in 2018, and smart speaker based games are just scratching the surface. They could be a great marketing play.
  • Alerts/Reminders: creating smart reminders for customers could make your event or experience a next level by giving them tips on what to bring, how to get the most of an event, or even a secret offer that adds value to the experience. Sporting events could have injury updates, betting lines, or even where best parking is available.

Next steps?

Vocool is a voice technology software company. We can help you connect with your customers and fans in a more interactive way than ever before. Whatever your company or customers pain points, we can dream up a way to solve them. Use our contact form to set up a meeting and we’ll incorporate voice into your digital strategy to grow your brand and increase customer happiness and loyalty. Also check out the skills we’ve already released or our case-studies.