Vocool works closely with your engineering team to design, develop and maintain software and harware integrations.

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  • Behavioral Requirements

    We work with your team to outline the technical contracts between the user and the interfaces.

  • Technical Feasibility

    We work with your team to explore and identify technical constraints, given the product requirements and functionality.

  • Software Architecture

    Vocool works with your engineering team to provide a datiled software architecture plan in order to produce a highly reliable, maintainable and scalable solution. This includes delivering a map of system components and their interactions.

  • Voice Interaction Modelling

    Vocool provides your team with the model and specific language examples for accurately and intuitively converting spoken requests from consumers.

  • Project Management

    Vocool provides your engineering team with technical and project oversight to ensure all parties are achieving targets that meet time and quality objectives. We don't assume that your team is familiar with the quircks of devloping voice-related projects. We ensure you don't miss a beat.

  • Software Development

    Developing natural language software requires a unique skillset. Vocool recommends allowing our team to provide the end-to-end development and maintenance services for voice-related requirements.

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